St. Paul Guidelines for In-Person Worship Services Announced

The following Guidelines were developed to allow for In-Person Church Worship Services to begin:

  • Someone will hold open the Narthex door to greet and admit you. Don’t congregate in the Narthex. Maintain Social distancing throughout. No handshakes or hugs.
    • Note that the Fellowship Hall will be closed to general access. Everyone should enter through the Narthex doors to be seated.
  • Please deposit your offerings in the offering plate located on a table in front of the organ as you enter the church.
  • For those at greater risk, i.e. having some underlying health condition you should stay home – but if you choose to come to church you should wear face masks.
  • Ushers are to seat everyone, so distancing is maintained. Couples/families can sit together, but each family unit or person will be seated to provide about 6 foot spacing between each other.
    • If where you normally sit isolates you from others by 6 foot, then ask the usher if you can sit where you normally do. Ushers will assist you in determining spacing. Please be patient as we figure this all out.
    • No one should be sitting directly behind or in front of any other person/couple.
  • You might consider sitting in the same place each week while these rules are in effect for your safety as well as that of others.
  • An usher will seat any visitors that may arrive.
  • Communion will be administered by the Pastor and an Elder.
    • We will commune as a left and right side of the church – one side at a time.
    • An usher will guide people to stand in a single line spaced 6 foot between each communicant or couple in the center aisle.
    • Communion elements will be dispensed at the front of the church and not at the rail or on the chancel.
    • The communicants will exit to the left or right to return to their seating.
  • We will not have a fellowship time and there will not be any coffee or treats.
  • Adult Bible Class will be held in the sanctuary after a short break. Those wishing to attend should keep the same seating positions that they had during the church service.
  • One person in the restroom at a time – knock on the door and clean up after yourself as you leave. Sanitizing cloths will be provided.

The Number 1 Rule for everyone:

If you have any symptoms or don’t feel good don’t come to church.

  • If you are coughing or sneezing don’t come to church.
  • If you have been around someone you know (or have reason to believe) has the Covid-19 virus stay home. Protect yourself and fellow members of St. Paul
  • If someone has coughed or sneezed on or near you stay home.