Teen LWML at St. Paul

Friends Into Serving Him

    Friends Into Serving Him is a way to involve young girls in the vision and and ministry of service in Christ’s name.  The girls are sponsored by the adult LWML society.  They decide on their own service projects, meeting dates, and fellowship activities.  A mind for mission and sight for service qualifies a teen for membership in Teen LWML.   The girls serve the Lord with sincere hearts and a fresh, young vision.

    Our teens at St. Paul work alongside  their adult mentors.  They participate in society activities, Zone rallies, and District conventions.  At a very young age they get an insight of the important mission work of LWML.  Pictured are Secretary Cassie Brzozowski; Vice-President Nicole Brzozowski; and President Lexie Brzozowski.  They continue to grow in their service to the Lord.

Cassie, Nicole, and Lexie Brzozowski

Cassie, Nicole, and Lexie Brzozowski

Teen LWML Work Session

Friends Into Serving Him Work Session