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General Information for St. Paul

We are currently requesting pastors from the District Pulpit supply list to fill in while we are in vacancy. We feel blessed that so many talented pastors have placed their names on this list.

The church is operating normally. Sunday Services, all programs, Sunday school, Adult Bible class and other church functions will continue as they have in the past as we start our journey to calling a new pastor for St. Paul.

The Congregational President has empaneled a call committee to start the process of selecting a course of action using the LCMS Texas District guidelines which are published on the Texas District Website for those that might want to look at what’s involved in the prescribed call process. This committee will assemble and evaluate all of the data required by the call process and present recommendations to the congregation of St. Paul for their consideration and decision on a path forward. While this may be a time of concern for our members, it should also be looked at as an opportunity to expand the congregation in new directions and move forward.

Please check back here often, and I will post updated information as it becomes available. Jan Johnson, our Adult Bible Study leader, has started a new series.

Come visit St. Paul and worship with us!


Elder Steve – webmaster

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    Call Committee Update

    Updated August 24, 2017

    In case you don’t know, the Call Committee consists of:

    Jan Johnson            Congregational President

    Steve Trojacek         Trustee

    Caroline Osborne    Board of Christian Education Member

    Larry Foltz                Elder and Financial Secretary

    Mark Woolley          Elder

    Steve Grissom          Elder and Congressional Vice President

    Highlight of Actions: Proposed Agenda for the Call Committee was presented and discussed:

    • Jan is chairing the Call Committee
    • Mark is the Recording Secretary
    • All members will participate as we step through the procedure to develop call recommendations that we will place in front of the congregation for discussion and a vote.
    • Steve G developed a contact document with questions we will ask the supply pastors for consistency in what we ask them.
    • Jan and Steve G developed a scheduling spreadsheet to assist in keeping track of pastors who have committed to provide Pulpit Supply.

    There is a lot of competition for Supply Pastors. So far we have only been able to get 4 or 5 to commit. Many are already committed as vacancy pastors at other churches. We are hopeful that as vacation season winds down, there may be more available to St. Paul.

    We have met with the circuit visitor (formerly known as “district counselor”) and the MMF (Mission and Ministry Facilitator) in early August to discuss the call process as it relates to the St. Paul congregation.

    There were several options discussed for filling our vacancy. Each of these have their challenges:

    • Full Time Pastor (would increase the budget by over $50, 000/Yr. minimum. This option would require a significant increase in giving from each member but is the favored solution to the vacancy.)
    • Shared Parish (requires another parish in vacancy to agree, requires changes in church operation – worship schedule for one or both churches.)
    • Seminary Graduate (Not enough available – 150 requests for 100 graduates)
    • Vicar (One year or less commitment to St. Paul.)
    • Retired Pastor looking for a smaller church to serve.
    • Lay (colloquy) Pastor (Needs a willing member that is called to serve as pastor and would be willing to train.)

    We are currently waiting for the Circuit Visitor to provide feedback to the Call Committee on the status of his discussions with other vacant parishes in the circuit. If non are willing to share then that option is off of the table for St. Paul.


    Elder Steve – webmaster

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      Sermon Archive

      If you would like to re-read past sermons, they are archived under the “sermons” tab at the top of the home page. They extend from July 2, 2017 all the way back to August 19, 2012.

      A shortcut way to access them is to click a month/year link under “Archives” on the right side of the home page where you will notice monthly archive links. Under those you can find the sermons posted for that particular month. If you click on the header that contains the “Sermon for” and a date, it will display the sermon that was posted for that date.


      Elder Steve – webmaster

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