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General Information for St. Paul

We are currently requesting pastors from the District Pulpit supply list to fill in while we are in vacancy. We feel blessed that so many talented pastors have placed their names on this list.

The church is operating normally. Sunday Services, all programs, Sunday school, Adult Bible class and other church functions will continue as they have in the past as we start our journey to calling a new pastor for St. Paul.

The Congregational President has empaneled a call committee to start the process of selecting a course of action using the LCMS Texas District guidelines which are published on the Texas District Website for those that might want to look at what’s involved in the prescribed call process. This committee will assemble and evaluate all of the data required by the call process and present recommendations to the congregation of St. Paul for their consideration and decision on a path forward. While this may be a time of concern for our members, it should also be looked at as an opportunity to expand the congregation in new directions and move forward.

Please check back here often, and I will post updated information as it becomes available. Jan Johnson, our Adult Bible Study leader, has started a new series.

Come visit St. Paul and worship with us!


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    Call Committee Update – Aug 2018

    The Call Committee has investigated several different options in trying to find a new pastor for St. Paul.

    Progress / status to date:

    • Part Time Pastor
      • The Call Committee had narrowed down the potential part time pastors to 2 candidates. One of those took a vacancy position at a church near where he lives so we now have one pastor that may be willing to come to St. Paul in a part time capacity. We have been preparing some information to present to the congregation concerning this pastor. In order to convene a congregational meeting to discuss this matter, The Circuit Councilor needs to be present but is currently on vacation for 2 weeks.
    • Continue using Supply Pastors for the short term
      • We have a number of outstanding supply pastors that have been serving St. Paul. We could continue using them until more candidate become available for part time positions.

    We plan to continue using supply pastors to provide for our services at St. Paul until a decision is presented to the congregation for their approval.

    The following pastors will be preaching at St. Paul:

    Aug 26th    – Pastor John Raddatz

    Sep 2nd      – Pastor John Moore

    Sep 9th      – Lay Led at Fund Raiser

    Sep 16th     – Pastor John Moore

    Sep 23rd    – Pastor Scott Stewart

    Sep 30th    – Pastor John Moore 

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